Illustration from: Grandpa Saves the Day

About Us

Emblem Media is a team of authors, illustrators, musicians and filmmakers dedicated to producing and rediscovering creative, original works that inspire and challenge culture.  The heart of our mission is to reflect the truth about what it means to be a human being made in the image of God. 

Regarding our name… it is derived from the 17th Century publishing practice of using an emblem or illustration to tell a moral tale.  Hundreds of years later, this concept of using a symbol—a picture—to suggest an idea, is still powerful in our image-driven culture.

About Brian Oxley

With over 35 years as a business leader, Brian Oxley has encountered the many challenges and trials of the working world. These experiences have uniquely shaped him to encourage and inspire his readers. Drawing from his own life as a Westerner growing up in Japan, a husband, a father, and an executive of a large U.S. company, his writings are filled with "food for thought." His subjects include ideal leadership, teamwork, values and the strength of truth and faith in life and business. Brian's thought-provoking stories are connected with dramatic, original artwork, to partner mindful insight with allegorical illustrations.

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