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New Release

Intolerance, a New Release from Brian Oxley

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Experienced governments can turn an international crisis to their advantage, especially if they seek to maintain domestic order. Imagine a world crisis, one which confounds even the best of the world’s politicians and economists. Is the solution to this crisis worth sacrificing hard-won freedoms? What sort of a regime would wish to play the devil in order to impose compliance and conformity? What regime could possibly stress the need for order and stability over the need for personal freedom? It is a regime which proclaims “tolerance” to be the ultimate good for society.

Enter Hiram Levy, a resolute, insightful man. A former U.S. Serviceman, Hiram has the courage to stand up to the new regime. Witness his transformation as his “run-ins” with this new political regime harden his resolve to resist. He is vilified as an intolerant man in a world where tolerance is the only virtue. He stands face-to-face with another strong man—Captain Shih—as they face down a lie.