Illustration from: Emblems of Leadership Imagined

IT IS FINISHED (Jesus Christ)

No leader who ever walked this earth, with the exception of Jesus Christ, can ever say of his or her work, “It is finished!" The legacy of a leader is always incomplete.

Jesus Christ made this declaration with His dying breath as He hung on a Roman cross outside of Jerusalem. It signified the accomplishment of His mission. What was this mission? In spite of His humble beginnings and brevity of life, no other man has had a greater influence in the history of mankind than Jesus Christ. Not only is He followed by billions throughout the world as the Savior of mankind and the Son of God, but His influence in the fields of philosophy, religion, medicine, education and jurisprudence is undeniable. Though He never traveled more than 200 miles from Bethlehem, where He was born, and His largest audiences were only in the thousands, His teachings are admired and respected throughout the world, even by those who do not consider themselves to be His followers. The book, which contains His story, the Bible, is the most read and greatest selling book of all time, even though He never physically wrote a single word. It was written by over forty different authors inspired by the Holy Spirit in three languages on three different continents over a period of more than 1,500 years, yet it contains one unified story — the salvation of mankind through Jesus Christ. (Tim Oxley in his book “The Greatest Words Ever Spoken")