Illustration from: Pause: Lifting People Up

Knocking on an Empty Door

I'm knocking on an empty door
where truth's not wanted anymore.
Just endless questions to explore,
where answers are passé.

Professors in their fancy robes
in offices around the globe,
with endless inquiries to probe
and more articles to write.

So you wander down life's highway,
but they've taken down the signs.
No one to guide you or direct you,
and nothing that's divine.

When you go down into the valley,
you've got nothing firm to hold.
When you get to life's finale,
you're left out in the cold.

And so you reach life's empty door,
and leave your bones below its floor.
Just when it seems there is no more,
you see the Way, the Truth, the Life.

So I'm knocking on Jesus' door
and finding what I sought before,
glimpses of a distant shore
and His arms open wide.

by Brian Oxley