Facsimile Copy: Parables of the Cross

Open the Book

My father wrote me a letter long ago.

The words have long faded, but I remember what he wrote:

When the anchor's broke
and the mountains blow,
When the tablets fall
and you lose it all,
Open the book.…

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These Hands

Here's a poem I wrote for you, my friends:

The Land

The son and the dad work the land.
The son ate candy off the ground.
Dirt stained their hands.

The son turned the tractor's wheels
like it was for real.
Sitting on daddy's lap
he thought it would last forever.

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Blood Dice

Throughout history, generals, heads of state and business leaders have rolled blood dice. They take a chance! The consequences are devastating, with people often dying, a company going bankrupt, people losing jobs, poverty... Recently, a former governor, a statesman, a financial leader, rolled the blood dice on European bonds and a profitable financial company was ruined in less than a year. Thousands of jobs were lost as the company went into bankruptcy. What is the solution? What constrains a power-obsessed outlaw leader from rolling blood dice?

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“The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates

Socrates is considered one of the greatest of the ancient Greek philosophers and one of the founders of Western philosophy. His most significant contribution to modern thought was the development of the didactic method of inquiry, which became known as the "Socratic method." He applied this method to the examination of the key moral concepts of good and justice, and often challenged the Athenian politics and society of the day. Ultimately, the powerful Athenian aristocracy turned against him, and he was brought to trial for sedition. At the trial, he proclaimed that he would choose death rather than exile from Athens or a commitment to silence, as they were demanding.

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Praying Quietly Alone

The world now knows you are praying for Dennis as you run from the heat. In days of old, did not a Good Man make mention of those who pray on street corners?

Are we not all naked?

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