Illustration from: The Hound of Heaven: A Modern Adaptation

Her Smile (Revised)

Walking down a dim-lit path
like a lone, dark cloud,
I passed a smile that lit my way
and nearly cried out loud.

My skies had been so overcast
for such a long, long while,
I thought they’d always be that way.
And then I saw her smile.

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Knocking on an Empty Door

I'm knocking on an empty door
where truth's not wanted anymore.
Just endless questions to explore,
where answers are passé.

Professors in their fancy robes
in offices around the globe,
with endless inquiries to probe
and more articles to write.

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A New Harp

In Folsom Prison sits a king,

a broken heart
a broken heart.

He holds the future in his arms,
a broken harp
a broken harp.

Her beauty set his heart on fire,
a wild flame
a wild flame.

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Gravity's a mighty weight
that pulls me to the ground.
When I would soar up to the sky,
it always brings me down.

"Fly, my daughter, fly," Dad says
and throws me like a ball.
And as I drop back to the earth,
he never lets me fall.

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Life’s Tracks

Rolling on life's tracks,

wandering this earth,
Finding that it takes two rails
to roll on from our birth.

I've tried to roll on one rail,
so I could be the star.
But trains that have just one rail
never make it far.…

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