Illustration from: Grandpa's Diet

Our Seniors

The desert represents low interest rates, the result of quantitative easing or printing of money. A secure savings in a two-year U.S. Treasury bond for seniors provides them with a return of less than one-half of one percent. So they work hard, save all their lives and have a million dollars in the safest investment. The U.S. government will provide them with less than $3,000 a year on their savings.

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Back from the 2014 Desiring God National Conference

Emblem Media has been busy!

We were honored to have our Hound of Heaven films and book presented at the 2014 Desiring God National Conference in Minneapolis in September.

The other great news is that our documentary, The Hound of Heaven: The Francis Thompson Story, will have its broadcast premiere on EWTN, October 14, at 6:30 pm EDT.

Visit the EWTN channel finder for your local cable listings.

DIRECTV channel 370DISH Network channel 261

You can also watch it live on the web!

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Sobering Night

This week was a sobering one. I was sharing with a friend all about the film Lily’s Choice and I talked about Lilias Trotter’s words about “an appointed time.” On my way home I had a call from a friend telling me that at the very time we were discussing the film, a French tourist was decapitated by ISIS in Algeria. The Middle East is on the cusp of major war. The drumbeats of war are everywhere. There is hatred for everything western. As terror expands, many people are beginning to feel a real hatred unfairly towards Arabs and Islam. In the midst of all of this, in a miraculous way, at God’s appointed time, important Ruskin letters to Lilias Trotter were found.

In God’s appointed time in the midst of hatred, misunderstanding, war, and terror, at this very moment we have the message of Jesus Christ through Lilias’ life. This is a message of love—the message of a woman who gave up fame, fortune and comfort to commit her life to the people of Algeria. As the film will show, the Algerians marveled at how much she loved and respected them.

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Intolerance, a New Release from Brian Oxley

Purchase Intolerance by October 31, 2014 and save 10%! Use discount code GTL3F6WR at checkout.

Experienced governments can turn an international crisis to their advantage, especially if they seek to maintain domestic order. Imagine a world crisis, one which confounds even the best of the world’s politicians and economists. Is the solution to this crisis worth sacrificing hard-won freedoms? What sort of a regime would wish to play the devil in order to impose compliance and conformity? What regime could possibly stress the need for order and stability over the need for personal freedom? It is a regime which proclaims “tolerance” to be the ultimate good for society.

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Just Go Away

A white pony carries a little soul.

No time to make its mark.
No time to write a song.
No time to light a spark.

He might have played the trumpet;
She the violin.
She might have taught our children
How to write a song.

He might have mended our hearts
With the music of the soul.
She might have healed the darkness of the fading mind.

Just go away, little soul,
Before you sing your song.
Just go away.

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